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The following is an eclectic collection of resources that we have developed for our own use…and yours.

In 2016-2017, Donna built and wrote the lessons for a two-week leadership camp for Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks. Her lessons and the organization of the entire camp can be found at this link.

One of the most effective ways of studying and learning the Bible is through Scripture memory. We especially appreciate the Navigators’ Scripture Memorization Program, based on “The Wheel” – see more info on the Navigators’ website. The following are suggestions for daily Bible study in conjunction with Scripture memorization:
First set – 60 verses
Second set – 72 verses
Suggested study programs

For those who want more of a big picture of what the Bible is about from beginning to end, here are two suggested programs. The first is organized for individual study and requires 45-60 minutes per day…but you’ll make it through the entire Bible in 6 weeks (not reading the whole thing, just a smattering of parts in all the sections of it). For the group study, leave a seventh week for summary, reflection, etc. The individual program incorporates tools and lessons learned from an MA in Biblical Exposition and many seminary classes.

Individual study (or personal discipleship with a disciple / mentor):
Week 1 (The Law)
Week 2 (History & Poetry)
Week 3 (Prophecy)
Week 4 (Jesus / Gospels)
Week 5 (Acts and the Epistles)
Week 6 (Summary)

For small groups:
bible_101 (the Law)
bible_102 (History and Poetry)
bible_103 (Prophecy)
bible_103b (Prophecy continued)
bible_104 (Jesus)
bible_105 (Acts and Letter)

harmony_of_passion (Harmony harmony_leaders_guide) – This ties together all four Gospels‘ accounts of the passion, beginning with the Garden of Gethsemane, in a format designed to be read aloud by at least four people (one reading each Gospel’s words).

In Jun ’09 Slick flew to Africa to meet the people of AIM AIR. Click HERE to read about his adventures and view the pictures.

In Jun ’08 we journeyed to Ecuador to see mission aviation in action. Click HERE to read about our adventures and view the pictures.



  1. Donna,

    So much going on for you–congrats to you and Slick on your beautiful Zoe! I am very interested in your writings, curriculum development, etc. God is similar things on my heart–I’m starting by developing endurance-focused devotionals. What is the best way to contact you to discuss? In case you do not remember, I’m the AF guys who came up from Tampa to do the SC Half in 2008–we’ve moved to Huntsville and started a huddle here.

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