The following are some resources that we have developed for our own use…and yours.

  1. Why the Bible?
  2. What’s in the Bible?
  3. How to Memorize Scripture – and where to Start!
  4. Leadership Training Program for Camps
  5. All the Gospels Put Together – a Harmony

Why the Bible?

logo why the bible

Have you ever wondered why we care about the Bible anyway? Sure, it has some good, moral teaching but is it really relevant today?! Don’t we know now that science and history have completely debunked all the Bible stories? If you actually believe the Bible is true, can you defend it articulately? Interested in learning more? Check this out.

What’s in the Bible?

logo what

What is the Big Picture of the Bible anyway? Is it just one story? Or many stories? Or both?! Journey through your Bible in 6 or 12 weeks, ideally with a mentor or small group of folks. If you’re interested in Zoom meeting with folks to go through this, please leave a comment!!
Chapter 1 (The Law)
Chapter 2 (History)
Chapter 3 (Poetry)
Chapter 4 (Prophecy)
Chapter 5 (Gospels)
Chapter 6 (Acts and Letters)
Chapter 7 (Summary)

How to Memorize Scripture – and Where to Start!

logo memorize

One of the most effective ways of studying and learning the Bible is through Scripture memory. We especially appreciate the Navigators’ Scripture Memorization Program, based on “The Wheel” – see more info on the Navigators’ website. Here are links to:

Tips for memorizing verses
Suggested study programs
First set of 60 Navigator verses (NIV 1984)
Second set of 72 Navigator verses (NIV 1984)

Leadership Training Program for Camps


In 2016-2017, Donna built and wrote the lessons for a two-week leadership camp for Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks. Her lessons and the organization of the entire program can be found at this link.

All the Gospels Put Together – a Harmony


The Harmony of the Passion (Harmony Leaders’ Guide) ties together all four Gospels‘ accounts of the passion of Christ, beginning with the Garden of Gethsemane, in a format designed to be read aloud by at least four people (one reading each Gospel’s words).


    One response to “resources”

    1. Donna,

      So much going on for you–congrats to you and Slick on your beautiful Zoe! I am very interested in your writings, curriculum development, etc. God is similar things on my heart–I’m starting by developing endurance-focused devotionals. What is the best way to contact you to discuss? In case you do not remember, I’m the AF guys who came up from Tampa to do the SC Half in 2008–we’ve moved to Huntsville and started a huddle here.

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