Have you ever wondered why we care what the Bible says anyway? Isn’t it just a big, old, dusty book your grandparents cared about? Sure, it has some good, moral teaching but is it really relevant today?! Don’t we know now that science and history have completely debunked all the Bible stories? If you actually believe the Bible is true, can you defend it articulately?

For four weeks, a group of gals met to dig into whether or not we can really trust the Bible. Here are the notes we came away with.

Does science support or refute the Bible?
Can we be certain we have the right biblical text?
Do biblical prophecies actually come to pass?
What does the Bible say about itself?

logo why the bible

If you’d be interested in joining a group to explore these questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll let you know when we do the next one!



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