This is a 2-week Leadership Camp with two main courses of study along with a supporting Daily Quiet Time (called a Morning Watch) and a daily Small Group Bible Study (called a Bible Exploration). The entire plan fits into a sleep-over camp schedule (see link below).

It is recommended to begin with the LEAD Classes Overview, as it explains the courses of study. From there, reading through the letters will give a good picture of what is expected.

Also, the Bible Exploration posted here is only an outline. It is meant to be completed by the person who will give the lessons, so that it is his or her own.

If you have any questions, please post a comment along with your email address and I’ll answer.

Lead Classes Overview
Sample Camp Schedule
Letter to LEAD Coordinator
LEAD Welcome Letter
LEAD Table Of Contents
LEAD Syllabus (as originally designed)
LEAD Overview Handout
LEAD Overview Class

Morning Watch Guide

Bible Exploration Guide

L01 Catchy vs Character
Associated Reading
L02 Foundations of Leadership, Part 1
Foundations Article
L03 Foundations of Leadership, Part 2
L04 Foundations of Leadership, Part 3
L05 Leadership Methods
L06 Communication and Conflict
12 Commandments of Communication
Planning exercise
L07 Communication Styles
L08 Listening
L09 Solitude exercise
L10 The Paradox of Christian Leadership

S01 Relationship with God, Part 1
S02 Relationship with God, Part 2
Book Notes
S03 Testimony Writing
S04 Presenting Jesus
One-Verse Method
S05 Personal Bible Study, Part 1
S06 Personal Bible Study, Part 2
Thessalonians 5
Psalm 37 and Screenshot
S07 Bible Study Preparation, Part 1
Bible Study Planning Guide
S08 Bible Study Preparation, Part 2
Bible Study Prep Questions
S09 The Power of Camp


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