161003 DadsMem (45)Slick (aka, Rich) retired from the Air Force in April 2010 after being an F-16 pilot for 20 years. He finished his Masters in Biblical Exposition (teaching and preaching the Bible) from Columbia International University seminary in July 2010.

En route to his latest degree, Rich combined triathlon training and racing with ministry through Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Endurance (FCA-E), an international network of evangelical endurance athletes. His seminary research was instrumental in discovering how effectively to reach endurance athletes for Christ. In response to his conclusions, he pioneered a partnership between FCA-E and Set-Up Events, the South Carolina state triathlon race series organization. The partnership, expanded to North Carolina as well, is now coordinated by other FCA-E teammates and continues to serve both organizations well.

Additionally, God combined the Douglasses’ research, seminary classes and experience in the endurance sport world to build a weekend-long seminar (now called EMI) on testimony-writing and sharing the Gospel in the context of endurance sports. It is easily adaptable to serve almost any group of believers.

Donna’s life has also been a rich and varied one, including titles such as wife, mother, triathlete, fighter pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), who taught people how to fly light aircraft. She was the top female amateur triathlete in South Carolina in 2007 and 2008 before the arrival of their first child, daughter Zoe Noelle on Aug 2009. Donna thoroughly enjoys using writing, triathlon and other sports as a platform for ministry through FCA-E.

Before attending seminary for the same degree as Slick, Donna was an active duty Air Force pilot and the first woman to fly the F-117 Stealth Fighter. She had previously flown the F-16 Fighting Falcon for four years of adventure that included combat time during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Finally, Donna is a freelance writer whose tales of the front lines have been published in the National Endowment for the Arts’ books Operation Homecoming (2004) and Grace Under Fire (2007), in Officer Christian Fellowship’s “Command” magazine (2003, 2011) and online at PCAnews.com (2003). Her articles and devotionals about athletics have been published in Columbia International University’s “Connection” magazine (2008) and online at FCA.org (2008-2010). She is featured in the book 100 Greatest Women in Aviation (2008) and has been invited to speak to veterans and students of all ages. (Links to many of these articles are available.)

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