The Wedding Feast

“Go,” the King said. “My wedding feast is ready. Call all the invited guests.” But they derided him by their weak and transparent excuses.

Undeterred, He commanded, “Go call all those rejected by society – the lame, blind, poor – those no one else will reach out to. Bring them.” It was done but there was still room to spare.

“Go again beyond the city, to all you find wandering out there and bring them, too, so there will be no more room for those invited guests.”

Why? Because coming to the wedding feast toward which all the ages lead costs something.

It is free, yes, in a sense, because Jesus paid the entry fee.

But it comes, too, at the cost of one’s life. Day by day.

Because no guest gets to this wedding feast without leaving the warm safety of his home by repenting and forsaking the familiar comforts of his own sin.

Luke 14


One response to “The Wedding Feast”

  1. Susan Maldarella

    Our fee.. repentance.
    Which involves our own, honesty
    change of mind and heart

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