coincidence and abundance

As we move into retirement & being supported “missionaries,” we are becoming even more cost-conscious than before. Nevertheless we decided we’d need a truck topper for our cross country travels over the next eight months, but with the pressing deadline of the movers’ arrival on 7 Jan, finding one took a back seat. Slick made a few phone calls and visited a few places during our travels, but each one was a dead end…except for one: “US 21” recently went out of business when the owner and his two sons all passed away within months of each other. The sons’ wives were just trying to sell off everything and they had no idea what was still on the lot. Unfortunately we simply didn’t have time to make the four-hour round-trip drive without knowing whether they’d have one that would fit our white Dodge long bed. In the meantime, we discovered that they were the only company in the state who regularly stocked the size topper we needed.

Within days of our departure, Slick finally reached US 21 on the phone again. This time they knew what they had left on the lot and they did have a few of the right size – two red and one maroon. But they wanted to make sure, so another day passed as they double checked. Sure enough, Regina said they did have one – but it was white. Of course by then Slick had shared with her our whole story. So instead of giving us a new red or maroon topper for several hundred dollars, God gave us a white one to match our white truck and trailer for just $100. Not only that, but it’s also the tall type the can fit all our oddly-shaped stuff – bikes included!

If that weren’t enough, a young military couple with excellent references looking to move to a bigger house needed to be out of their current residence by 18 Jan. Since we were moving out on the 13th the timing was perfect. Even more than that, they own a riding mower and looked forward to using it to clean up the lawn, so the need to rake a small forest’s worth of leaves before we left evaporated.

God speaks to Slick through coincidence and abundance. He’s been speaking loud and clear over the past several weeks. As Slick pondered this last night, however, he began to get a little nervous. We’ve been advised to jot down events like these so that when things get rough as we adjust to missionary life on the field, we can look back and know how strongly God confirmed our journey there. So if He’s giving us such overwhelming confirmation…what kind of monstrous challenges will we face??

And that is why we’re so thankful for your prayers. Not only is God answering them even now, but we will certainly need them in the future!


2 responses to “coincidence and abundance”

  1. A Log of Providential Events in Our Lives. What a great idea for all of us. And a story well told as always. God bless you saints.

  2. Steve Livingston

    “We’ve been advised to jot down events like these so that when things get rough as we adjust to missionary life on the field, we can look back and know how strongly God confirmed our journey there.”

    I’d give a hearty amen to that from personal experience. A true sense of my call to Honduras at some points was all that kept me moving forward. And He did keep me going. By proving Himself by His past faithfulness, God is always in the business of increasing our faith. Consider all the OT passages where God says, “Did I not . . .” or “Remember!”

    May God continue to bless your preparations. I look forward to hearing of the on-going adventure.

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