the Artist and His accompanist

Stars twinkle from horizon to horizon, hidden only by the cactus-dotted cliff that wraps protectively around us. My gaze slides down the rocky beach from the cliff, past our kayaks, tents and camp kitchen, and settles where the waves lap gently at the shore, bioluminescence mingling with reflected stars as each peaceful swell tumbles onto the stones. What a rare treasure to watch the Master Artist at work all day in the desert flora and life-laden sea, to hear the heavens silently declare His praises at night, and to marvel at each uniquely intricate sunrise He paints to welcome the arrival of each fresh day. As the show begins on this, our fifth and final day on the islands, a familiar reverent melody wafts out of my sister’s flute and mingles with the waves. Ginni serenades the Artist as He washes the sky in ever more vivid reds and golds.

Later we will cross back through the roughest seas and wind we have yet seen on this trip to the mainland where sun and shadow dance on the stark desert peaks that rise abruptly above the Sea of Cortez. The week had slid by far too quickly, like so many do, but it was a week I treasure like few others, filled with the love and joy of family as we celebrated my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, my mom and aunt’s shared birthday and the impending arrival of a new generation.

So, many thanks to Ginni for arranging it and to all of you around the country who helped us celebrate. It was definitely a week to remember! You can follow along on our journey either through story or through pictures.

And if you’re ever interested on just such a trip, just follow the link to Ginni’s website.

Donna Douglass
10 Feb 09


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