life, dreams, and live dinners

My natural alarm clock of to-do lists parading through my mind woke me in the wee hours of the morning. In its wanderings, my slowly waking brain stumbled upon what will always be one of my favorite memories: Sandi’s and my wedding day and the week that followed. The ceremony and reception far more wonderful than I had even imagined. Family and friends did an amazing job of decorating the little Red Barn and setting up the music. Having so many folks travel so far to celebrate with us made the day unspeakably special to us both. We only wished we could bask in the glow a little longer. But only a little longer… We escaped through the bubbles and snowflakes dancing on the breeze, laughing with folks who hadn’t blown bubbles in years. The day couldn’t have been more perfect – warm enough to be outside for the ceremony, perfect lighting for pictures sans squints, and finally a few raindrops for good luck, all mixed with the warmth and love of family and friends. It was truly a dream I lived that day.

Under the direction of Uncle Sam, we flew to Korea to honeymoon, seizing the opportunity to revisit the lush river valley and rock wall where this all began a mere seven months ago. New friends we made there thought I was joking when they asked how long we’d been married and I answered, “a week”. We also explored cliffs, caves, and cable cars in Korea’s beautiful Seoraksan National Park, and experienced the gamut of four-star hotels, camping in the pick-up’s bed, and waking up on the fourth floor of a “minbak” (hotel) to sunrise over the rocky coastline, spray glistening in the air with each crashing wave.

Of course we spoiled ourselves with unusual dinners, including one overlooking a myriad of fishing boats in Sokcho Harbor. After an unsuccessful attempt to decipher the menu, we led the waitress outside to the fish tanks lining the front of the restaurant and pointed to the shrimp tank. She nodded in understanding and ushered us to our table, which she adorned with the normal assortment of side dishes, some of which were recognizable. Very shortly, she arrived with our entrée – a bowl covered with a dish. She set in on the table and removed the dish to reveal a good number of large shrimp – swimming around the bowl! At our bewildered faces, she started to show us how to eat them. We managed to convey, however, that that was not the issue. The second time the shrimp arrived, Sandi quipped that we didn’t know if they were cooked this time, but at least they were dead!

Now as I return to what I affectionately call the “real world”, I realize that what made those 10 days so wonderful was stepping aside from the pressures of email, phones, projects, and deadlines, and enjoying real life – family and friends, both new and old, and the amazing earth we walk. It occurs to me that all this “time-saving technology” seems only to steal away those moments that transform existence into life. So I hope you’re able to put aside the “urgent” in favor of the “important” and enjoy some of those precious moments over this Easter weekend and the coming weeks.

Have a happy and blessed Easter.


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