It’s been a long journey in both space and time – to France, Africa, Germany, Palau, Japan and now back to the US.

– AIM Candidate Week – Nov 9-13, 2009
– Deputation around the US twice – Jan to Aug 2010
– Retire from USAF – Apr 2010
– AIM AIR Flying Training in Nampa, ID – Feb & May 2010
– Graduate seminary, Columbia International University – Aug 2010

– Language Training in Albertville, France– Sep 2010 to Jun 2011

– Arrive in Africa – Sep 2011
– Initial training in Nairobi, Kenya – Oct 2011-Jun 2012 when a storm of situations forced our departure

– Matilda Grace (Matti) born in the US – Apr 22, 2012

– Worked at Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks – summer 2012

– Worked in Spandahlem, Germany – Aug 2012-Aug 2013

– Served with Pacific Mission Aviation in Palau, South Pacific – Sep 2013-Aug 2014

– Worked in Misawa, Japan – Aug 2014-Jun 2015

– Donna & the girls worked at Camp Cedarbrook – summers starting 2013 – present

– Now living, working and ministering in Alamogordo, NM

Visit our blogs to read just a smattering of the adventures, answered prayer and miracles we’ve witnessed. Sign up for our RSS if you’d like to hear the latest.



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