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Thank you for partnering with us in prayer…this has meant a tremendous amount to us. When we left for the mission field in 2013, we asked for a 1 year commitment to pray for us monthly. To join the prayer team, we asked that folks pick a day of the month and pray for us on that date every month. They signed our prayer calendar (see below) either in pen or electronically. Not only were we encouraged to know that y’all were praying for us that day, but on your day we prayed for you as well…kind of a two way street. In many cases, we still pray for you!

Over the next six international moves on and off the mission field, nearly everyone stayed with us. Some got married; some passed away; more came on board.

We cannot thank all the folks below enough for standing with us before the Throne over the course of our travels, and in many cases, continuing to partner with us in prayer. We look forward to celebrating with you in person some day, wherever that may happen!





  1. […] our “prayer calendar” so let us know if you want back in the game (for more info, see To support us financially, please see the Pledge Card below or […]

  2. […] Likewise, we SO MUCH appreciate y’all who have made the commitment to come with us before God’s throne one day each month (or more! J). Great things already have and will continue to happen as God hears and responds. THANK YOU! It means an immense amount to us to know for sure that you will be there with us, standing before the King. (If you would like to find out more about praying with us, please see our prayer team page.) […]

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