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We’ve discovered that Story can be a powerful way of communicating, so we’ve posted many on our blogs, some involve deeper thoughts and others are more personal tales. Let me share with you a quick overview of our story thus far. (Words in the color maroon are links.)

In 2005 we (Slick and Donna) met in Korea.

In 2006 we married in Colorado and moved to New Mexico.

In 2007 we began our Masters at Columbia International University in South Carolina and Donna returned to teaching flying.

In 2008 we began work with Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Endurance (FCA-E), an adult, endurance sport branch of FCA.

In 2009, God used us to create FCA-E’s Endurance Ministry Institute (EMI), an evangelism training seminar for FCA-E.

Our first daughter, Zoe, arrived in August 2009.

In 2010, we handed off a Bible study for which we’ve developed several resources over the years, moved into our trailer and continued down the road toward mission aviation, training with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Idaho. (We had visited their Ecuador program in 2008.)

2011 found us in France learning French in preparation to go to Africa with Africa Inland Mission‘s aviation arm, AIM AIR, which Slick had visited in 2009.

In 2012 we returned to the US for the birth of our second daughter, Matti Grace, and our path took an unexpected diversion to Germany for a year.

In 2013, God led us to Palau with Pacific Mission Aviation while Slick began doctoral work with Western Seminary in Portland.

2014 moved us Misawa, Japan, working with the US Air Force again while Donna homeschooled Zoe for the first bit of kindergarten and Gwendolyn Joy made her debut in the back seat of Slick’s car just outside the hospital.

In 2015 Donna and the girls returned for their second year of working at Camp Cedarbrook in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Slick settled in to Alamogordo, NM where he works at the F16 schoolhouse at Holloman AFB.

In 2016, the girls returned again to camp, but for the first time in six years, we DIDN’T plow through an international move!

Along the way, we’ve journaled many thoughts and taken millions of pictures. And we can testify that in his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps!*

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*Proverbs 16:9

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  1. Hi, my name is Fernando from Quito, Ecuador, my home country, and I hope that missionarys like you will visit us. We have so much to share with you, our small country is beautiful and full of wonderful places to visit. If you spend your vacation in Ecuador let us know; we will like to take you wherever you want, it will be our pleasure.
    I enjoy your articles very much, you put your heart in them. It is like contemplating a picture of our native indians of our ecuadorian jungle. Thank you very much. Fernando.

  2. Cool website! Count me in! What an honor to make your short list of friends. We’re still parked at the mouth of Dog Canyon and not thinking much about leaving. Lovely place, your old haunts.

  3. This looks wonderful Donna! I’m looking forward to visiting regularly! Peace and passion to you this holiday season!

  4. Donna, this is fabulous! YOU are fabulous! I’m thinking about you as I’m training…wish we were doing it together!
    Blessings to you!

  5. Love the picture. Thanks for Mary marveled. Hope you are well. Please do NOT take us off your list 🙂

  6. “It ain’t our money and it ain’t our time” is going to be printed and posted in our home. I will correct the grammar for the sake of our homeschooled children, but I appreciate the wisdom of this saying nonetheless.

    Thank you for contributing to FCA Impact Play!

    Mark M.
    Pickerington, Ohio

  7. Hi Donna. I found your website through the FCA endurance devotional that you wrote. I am a triathlete and disciple of Christ as well. I have only started poking around your website, but I am impressed! WHen I am not working racing or training, I also do prison ministry here in Oklahoma.
    I just wanted to take the time to say hi.

    Glen Woods

  8. Hi Donna, Sandi and Zoe,

    it is really great to hear from you and the active encouraging and enlightening life you live.
    Thanks for having us on your mailing list.
    We wish you all the best for the new chapter in your life and lots of satisfying experiences while you do your work in Africa.

    Best wishes from Marion and Timo

  9. Slick and Donna and Zoe……It is indeed a blessing to know you and pray for you. Thanks for your email and the news update. Our God is an awesome God!! We’re praying for you on the 26th!
    God bless,
    the Lucas’

  10. Hi
    Sandy and Donna.Just found this new communication tool. wonderful to connect here and in prayer.

    klaus and hanna

  11. My brother met you at Athens airport after the marathon and was telling me about what yoiu’re doing. I’m retired Air Force and spent the better part of my career at Holloman AFB: 26 years retired SMSgt and most of my time in what used to be 4444th MOBSS. I was in Vietnam, Misawa AB and Okinawa prior to HAFB. Lot of history in family of flying. Uncle in missionary work in Iraq and then Madasgar where he was killed in a plane crash. Rambling but just wanted to wish you both the best in all you do. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  12. Hello Richard and Donna and Zoe
    A friend scanned the french Aviasport magazine about your story. Praise the Lord!!!
    Very interesting ,,I visited your website.. a lot to read.
    You are in Albertville, France. I grew up near Toulouse.
    I am in Dodoma, Tanzania with MAF, engineer with A&P licence from Winston salem/NC.
    We are 9 engineers:TZnians, kenians, soudaneese, Swedish,N.Ireland, french.
    Busy in the hangar with MAF planes (3xC206 and2x Caravan) and outside customer planes.
    We have 4 pilots: German, Swiss, Norwegian,UK and their families.
    Pilot Andrew P. just got back from one week flying among Massai tribes with evangelists, North of TZ.
    We are in the middle of the rainy season.
    Have a good week learning french.
    Pierre C.

  13. Hi Guys,
    Ran across your Donna’s story while Googling whether a Power Point presentation was phony. From there it led me to this Blog.
    It is exiting to me to read how people like yourselves are willing to risk life and limb in His service (borrowing from the book of Esther “if I perish, I perish”, comes to mind)
    I know it’s a drastic description but fitting -I think.
    May God bless your endeavors and keep you safe.
    You represent what I call “real Christians”, those who really serve Him and are wonderful examples not only to those you will encounter, but to the rest us.

    My wife and I live in the safety of Mystic, CT. I will visit this site from time to time, but Slick yourself and Zoe will be in our prayers.

  14. Welcome to PMA. I’m on the board of PMA Switzerland and have been praying for new staff. Blessings to you all. Klara Moser

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