The Israelites and me

I passed through the birth canal like they passed through the Red Sea. Together we were birthed into the wilderness of the growing up years, full of rules and guidelines until we reached a measure of maturity. At that point we all made the choice to go in to the Promise Land, or as Jesus called it, the Kingdom of God, and were baptized, them in the Jordan River and me in New Mexico. Together we were told to cast out all the sin in that land, the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites…my anxiety, my temper, my right to my own free choice. Together we lived sans earthly king.

Studying through Judges, the story of their years with no king, I see their fall, distrusting God, disobeying God, forgetting Who He is and finally rebelling against any concept of God as they each “did what was right in their own eyes.” As I watch my country, and the world at large, follow that course, will I go with it?

Or will I route out my sin, as identified by “It’s just my…” or “I have a right to…” or “I’m just that way”? Will I be among the counter-cultural, faithful few, like Boaz and Ruth who used their strength to submit to the rule of the unseen King who is coming?


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