A tale of two legacies

Both the Kohouts (Donna’s dad’s family) and the Knockes (Donna’s mom’s family) show deep pride in their family heritage. The Knockes (Mom, her younger sister and her niece) sat leafing through old pictures and articles about various family members, recalling with admiration their accomplishments. We shared a few fond memories and funny stories of our own, but terms stemming from broken families blended almost unnoticed into the entire conversation.

In contrast, there is no such memorabilia from the Kohout side. Instead of articles, relations on that side and I sometimes ponder through sweet memories of time together as an extended family consisting mostly of intact immediate families. Our daughter is even named after Grandma Kohout who never once worked outside her home and garden but whose love drew everyone together. And I wonder, which leaves a better legacy? Accomplishment or relationship? And how do I live that today?

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