Posted by: Donna Douglass | Thursday November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving (link to post by Howie Forstrom)

I’ve never been one to link to others’ posts, but since our healthy, strong, long-distance road-biking friend Howie Forstrom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer a few months back, he’s had some excellent reflections. This Thanksgiving one is particularly poignant. Enjoy.



  1. Ask your Dad if he remembers either me or Bob Canava at Westover AFB in the early ’60’s, flyinf B-52’s.

    Duane Branson

  2. Mr. Branson – My dad said he didn’t, but my uncle John Kohout said he remembered you both well. “Yes, I most certainly do remember Duane Branson and Bob Canava. I flew as Bob’s co-pilot when I got to Westover in early 1963. He had a voice so strong that he was the only B-52 crew member I ever flew with who did not need the interphone to make himself understood over the engine noise. And Duane, as I remember, was then a senior co-pilot not far from upgrading to AC. I think I had a chat with Duane much later at a SAC reunion not long after SAC stood down.”

    If you want me to send him your email, please pass it on to me and I can do that. Hope all is well.

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