A picture emerges

Floating puzzle pieces once haunted my mind when I considered the future. Bits of who I was, they simply didn’t fit any life I could imagine. Eight years ago, they suddenly fell into place when I met Slick. Immediately I recognized the path God had planned all along.

In recent days I’ve seen that happen again: flying ratings, theological training, availability and others – jigsaw pieces arranged by an unseen hand suddenly form a clear picture, one that makes us say, “Of course!” Even tiny details like Chili’s travel are falling into place, the way things often do when the Master Craftsman is at work.

So it is that we will float our bags, boxes and bins across the ocean and fly to meet them in Palau, a small south Pacific island. There we will stand in for a year as pilots of a light twin aircraft operated by Pacific Mission Aviation. After that year? God knows – perhaps stay and work a project with them, perhaps return to the US and train future mission aviators or perhaps go somewhere else we have yet to imagine, always grateful that we know the One who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.


One response to “A picture emerges”

  1. Barbara Farrington

    Praying for you in your new divine adventure!!

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