upside down

Once upon a time I experienced the words from Les Miserables, “what was right seemed wrong and what was wrong seemed right.” Is reality right-side-up or up-side-down? That experience has often resurfaced and exposed Satan’s subtle infiltration. It just happened again.

I offhanded commented to Sandi that God was answering my prayer that He multiply my time this week so I can move the unpacking far forward despite many scheduled meetings with people. Countless times I’ve said people are more important than stuff, but living that way always feels like a muddy uphill slog. So when I noted that I felt like I had accomplished much that day even with two meetings, Sandi shot back, yes, you probably accomplished more of eternal value in those meetings than all the other stuff you did. Isn’t that true? My to-do list yields a feeling of accomplishment…yet things of real value are rarely found there.

Calendars full of activity, crossed off items on lists, mementos to accomplishments: these things offer easy satisfaction and even high praise from people. But the next dawn wipes them away and we must begin all over again. Not so the Kingdom. Less planned activity offers more time – time to spend with Him, time to invest in people, time to be invested in by people. Items on this list might be crossed off in eternity depending on the steps we choose each moment. Mementos that will stand are hearts influenced toward the Kingdom not those that please me as I look around my house. Reality is up-side-down. “What was right seemed wrong.” How can the Kingdom be so obvious and yet so elusive?

One response to “upside down”

  1. Donna,
    I was touched by your blog. God has been saying something similar to me lately. He convicted me of my need to always plan and evaluate… list making (planning), and my evaluating (my diary the next morning where I record my activities from the day before and feel good or badly about “my accomplishment level”) though the list may be full of some good things, “call a friend”, etc. He isn’t pleased with my bondage to that way of living. He has challenged me to live responsively….”What, Lord, let go of my lists?” His answer, “Yes….let me plan your day…even your chores…I promise they’ll all get done and I may even have some ‘chores’ for you which you don’t expect. Just be responsive to me!” Sarah Young in “Dear Jesus” puts Jesus’ words this way, ” Instead of approaching each day as a blank page you need to fill up, try living it in a responsive mode: being on the lookout for all that I am doing.”
    Another quote from her on the same topic is what first grabbed by attention…”Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually. This is a paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life.” Substitute attitudes of trust for constant planning.
    God bless you Donna, and Slick and your girls as you serve Him.

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