Have Peanut, Will Travel

Today begins the next phase of our lives. For the last four years, Slick and I have been preparing, first in seminary then in language school, with flying training sprinkled in between other classes. God’s also presented us other learning opportunities of His own, preparing us through a myriad of situations that have cropped up. For example, sharing stories through email both refines Donna’s writing and increasingly opens our eyes to the hand of God moving in response to prayer.

The toughest part has been near-constant travel; the high points: the pure fun of learning to fly sea planes and the side-effect of travel: getting to reconnect with many friends.

So now, adequately proficient at French, current in flying, officially healthy according to the doctors, and chock full of immunization, we depart for Africa. Even Chili gets to come along this time, though her ticket cost more in time and money than all our other tickets combined!

In stark contrast, “Peanut” has caused no trouble at all, and gets to travel in the greatest comfort, curled up inside Mommy’s warm belly: a peanut-sized oval with a heartbeat due to arrive in late April, in a country yet to be determined. We see Peanut as God’s confirmation of Donna’s decision to leave the flying up to Slick for at least the next couple years while she focuses on teaching little ones and doing some writing.

So, off we go to the next phase, looking forward to something slightly different that we initially thought but eagerly anticipating all the blessing God has in store, which is beyond all we can ask or even imagine sometimes!


One response to “Have Peanut, Will Travel”

  1. I know this is a bit late. Did not keep up with your diary. But I love the way you write. Keep on doing it. It is a joy for the reader.

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