Posted by: Donna Douglass | Tuesday August 30, 2011

crisis of belief

“Gut check!” Standing on the high dive many years ago, I reflected deep within myself to evaluate whether I had what it takes to do this dive. When the verdict came back more than 50% positive, I stepped out and “went for it” (gave it my all).

Now again, we stand on the brink. We’re about to “go for it” and move everything to Africa. What confidence it brings whenever we reflect on the past and deep inside us both, that it is God who has asked us to do this. And what He asks of us, He has all the power and resources necessary to bring it to pass. In this case, it doesn’t rely at all on our “guts,” but rather on the capability and will of the Creator of all.

Two other families of missionaries recently faced similar decisions. Would they obey God’s leading in totally new directions for ministry? Or would they stay where it was familiar and comfortable? Dr Henry Blackaby would call it a “crisis of belief” – can God really accomplish what He’s asking me to do? But each family has chosen to act on their confidence that God has what it takes and that He will enable them as they move forward beyond the familiar and easily done.

As we set out, we are encouraged to be in the company of those who testify to Who their God is by their very lives. And as we make each decision in our own lives, we pray that we might, by His grace, do the same.


  1. This is so exciting to hear of your upcoming move. I hope you will still keep us posted on where you are and what you are doing. I am just thrilled to hear of your progress!!

  2. Good word Donna – may Isaiah 41:10 encourage your hearts!

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