Like a Child…again

“Where doggy?” Zoe asked, suddenly stopping all other wiggles and fidgets. She had lost her stuffed doggy, Dirty Harry, who normally lives in her crib. Apparently she began planning at that moment, because, knowing she couldn’t get into her crib alone, she looked at me and said, “help, please,” even before leaving the living room where Daddy and I were sitting. Arriving at the crib she saw that Harry was not visible in the crib but there was a blanket lying there. Looking at the blanket, she requested, “Up, please.” I lifted her in. After lifting the blanket and looking underneath, all the while saying, “Where doggy?” she again asked, “Up, please,” this time to get out of the crib.


It was a simple sequence of events, but it evidenced several concepts that Zoe has learned, and some I could stand to learn from! The plan that had formed in her mind could not be completed without intervention. It was a mom-sized task, much too big and complex for Zoe to carry out on her own, but that didn’t even make her hesitate. So why do I hesitate when God lays before me a God-sized task? As I was delighted to come through for Zoe, so He’s delighted to come through for me when a God-sized task lays before me.

In the end, she searched around the apartment…and found doggy under the couch where I has suggested she look. As much as I had learned from her mom-sized plan, if she had listened to me in the beginning, she could have saved quite a few steps…which was yet another one of those lessons God can teach through kids!

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