God’s Math II

God’s math II: Zoe is teaching us how to count. The other morning she had four little packets of powdered Korean coffee. She put them on the floor and began to count, pointing to a different stick each time, but not in any particular order: “one, two, three…” She was almost done, or so I thought. “Four…five, six, seven, eight, nine…ten, eleven.” Now she was done. She gathered them up and headed back to the kitchen. In my limited sight I only saw four. But not Zoe. She saw the opportunity for many more. Isn’t that the same thing that happened when Jesus fed the four thousand? The disciples, the responsible adults only counted seven loaves and a few fish, but after the meal, people were still counting the number of loaves and fish – by the basketful. Why do I tend to limit the creator of everything to only what I can see and count?


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