Posted by: Donna Douglass | Tuesday February 1, 2011

Lord, You know

(As told to me by an instructor at Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Nampa, ID headquarters. A true story of his flying overseas.)


“Yes, honey,” the missionary wife turned to see her normally energetic twelve-year-old calmly looking right at her. It almost startled her.

“It’s going to be all right,” she said. “Jesus told me it would be all right.”

“That’s wonderful!” Her voice sounded hollow and foreign to her. Though the statement and her daughter’s sudden calmness encouraged her, they were vaguely unsettling as well. Her daughter had frequently suffered seizures and had to be evacuated on one of the small missionary planes that often passed overhead. It had simply become part of life in the jungle. A harrowing part of life.

Not twelve hours later, the girl’s father spoke urgently into the radio’s microphone, desperate to get a response from someone – anyone! But there was only silence. In between calls from time to time, he thought he could hear a plane nearby. Then it would fade away. Meanwhile, his little girl was dying in her mother’s arms.

Not ten miles away an aircraft’s radio cracked to life: “Any aircraft, any aircraft. This is (XX) village.”

“Go ahead, (XX) village,” the pilot replied.

“We have a medical emergency. Can you help?”

After getting more detail and contacting home base, the pilot had permission to divert into the village and evacuate a mother who was bleeding to death after childbirth.

Debriefing at the end of the day, with the mother well on her way to recovery at the local hospital, the pilot discovered that the young girl he had flown out of the jungle numerous times for her medical issues, was dead. Her father had been unable to reach anyone on the radio, even though the pilot had passed within a few miles of him several times during the day. For that he grieved deeply.

But he was also mystified. The village from which he had received the call about the new mother did not have a working radio. Theirs had failed years before. And no one had tried to use it. Furthermore, the home base had no recollection of the conversation that granted the pilot permission to divert from his scheduled route.

A mother and baby live, but a young girl goes home to Jesus. All because God chooses to do what He chooses to do. Even radios transmit or don’t at His command. It was as if He waved His hand and said, “This will be.” And it was. Watching it all, we begin to ask, “Why, God?” But even as we speak, we know the truth, and we can only say, “Lord, You know” (Ezek 37:3, Rev 7:14). Shall not the judge of all the Earth do right? (Gen 18:23)

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