Posted by: Donna Douglass | Friday August 20, 2010

narrow escape

Zoe walked unsteadily to the refrigerator door, hands grasping my fingers tightly as we moved together. “Sit down,” I urged so I could return her defrosted teething toy to the freezer. In the time it took me to stand up and toss it in, she had crawled within reach of Chili the Dog’s food bowl. Butt on the floor, Zoe reached toward the bowl. Just shy of touching it, she withdrew her hand, knowing she was not supposed to touch it. Almost as soon as she drew her five outstretched fingers back, they shot out again toward the bowl. Curiosity, then control. Desire, then restraint. The battle within her was obvious.

I so wanted her to make the correct choice to turn around and crawl away. But in that split second, I knew she wasn’t at that point yet. She knew the limit drawn for her, but sitting before it, she had no idea how to turn away from it into a wiser direction so that the temptation was no longer before her. Looking on, something I’d memorized came to mind: No temptation has seized you except what is common to man, and God is faithful…He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.*

Considering those words, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I reached down my hands, offering them to her as a way out of the situation. She grabbed them immediately and stood up. Together we turned our back on the bowlful of temptation, Zoe’s wobbly legs between my sure footsteps. How many times has God done that for me? I’m not sure I even know. But do I reach out for His help with the humility, quickness and trust that she had for me? If only! She never once looked back.


Praise God for getting us through the end of school! We both finished our Masters in Bible Exposition (teaching & preaching) on 9 Aug, which doubled as Dad’s 70th birthday – Happy Birthday, Dad! In the few days left before Zoe’s first birthday (29 Aug), Slick/Sandi, Zoe & I will complete our move to France for a year of language school in prep for flying in central Africa.

We hope your summer has gone well & the fall brings a welcome break from the heat and many beautiful sunrises like the orange one in NJ this morning!

*1 Cor 10:13

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