finally and already

We’re finally on the road…we’re on the road already. Time seems to toy with us. It took forever to extricate ourselves from our house in South Carolina, yet it seems like just a few weeks ago that we moved in, began seminary and searched for local races.

Now we move on, looking back at the highlights: the people we know from the South Carolina triathlon series, FCA Endurance, Officer Christian Fellowship and other places; the unparalleled learning and growing in seminary classes; the joy of having our own plane – and of selling it; the fulfillment of triathlon ministry so far above and beyond that of just racing; the wonder of being used by God to compile and teach evangelism training seminars; the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and the thrill of hugging a precious little bundle as she responds with a beautiful, toothless laugh. It has been an amazing three years.

But that chapter has closed with finality. And the next one has begun with flair. In a manner we’re beginning to expect of Him, God has already “shown up and shown off” regarding the road before us. We began with the goal of enlisting three prayer partners per day for each day of the month – a total of 93. In His standard perfect timing, we hit that goal on our last evening in South Carolina. Now as we continue meeting with the folks He brings across our path, we watch with humble appreciation as He raises up yet more prayer partners to stand beside us. And we wonder just how abundant He plans to be.

The road we’re traveling toward mission aviation has been long already, beginning far before its formal start at seminary. But our departure from our house and the sale of our beloved Subaru are like the chime of a clock: that hour is done. The next has begun. A page has turned. The next chapter veers far from anything “normal,” but it quivers with adventure and promise.

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One response to “finally and already”

  1. So sorry to hear you had to say farewell to the Subaru. But take heart, there are many out here, albeit with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Safe travels and God speed— the Delorenzos

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