life and death

Definitely railroad tracks. Not mountains and valleys.

Everything is new each day with Zoe. We delight in watching her, whether alert and “talking” to us, or slumped in slumber. We marvel at this precious little life!

Less than a month ago, a plane crashed in Nairobi. It was flown by AIM-Air, the organization God’s led us toward. The pilot died in the crash. The passenger, a maintenance guy along for the ride, died a week later from his burns.

Zoe’s brought a new dimension to our lives. For the first time I no longer feel as if I’m waiting for life to start. Life has begun at last.

Last week two F-16’s collided over the Atlantic. A pilot and close friend of our friends died. They think he died on impact. After a five day search they still hadn’t found him.

Saturday adrenaline coursed through my veins as I tread water on the starting line of my first triathlon as a mom. It was a thrill inexpressible to let myself go hard and fast again, unhindered by anything. As if emerging from a long dark tunnel, my body began to feel alive again.

Sunday as we drove home we passed the bent, charred wreckage of a car. In a brief glance as we passed at 70mph Sandi saw a soul-less body slumped in the driver’s seat.

In Zoe’s tiny fingers and toes is surprising strength. Even her uncoordinated limbs can propel her where she needs to go and her inarticulate voice can communicate clearly. And God has instilled in her an instinct that drives her. She persists until she satisfies her need, whatever it may. Moment by moment this tiny person expresses and exudes life. 

Three days ago the former director of Moody Aviation died in a fiery plane crash. Years of aviation and thousands of hours of experience couldn’t keep him from his heavenly destination on that flight.

“Zoe” – her name itself means “life”!

“With these our hells and our heavens so few inches between we must be awfully small…” Hells and heavens are not so far apart as are peaks and valleys. No, hells and heavens, joys and sorrows, rejoicing and tragedy, run together. Parallel. Like railroad tracks.


2 responses to “life and death”

  1. Sister, following your life is watching our providential God in action. Your santification includes your writing gift, the fingerprint of your soul, improved by motherhood.

  2. Steve Livingston

    I came across the following in preparation for a teaching on God’s provision. It speaks to God’s role as the sustainer of life.

    Job 34:14-15
    If He should determine to do so, If He should gather to Himself His spirit and His breath,
    All flesh would perish together, And man would return to dust.

    I thank God for His life sustaining gift.

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