Watching Douglass TV

A while back an eight year-old who’d just arrived for dinner at our house asked almost immediately where the TV was. She was shocked we didn’t have one. To each other, we sometimes wonder when we’d ever have time to watch TV and what the value of it might be.*

If you’ve been away from TV for a time you might find yourself just staring at it when you see it again, as if your attention were magnetized to it. We have that problem whenever we find ourselves in the proximity of a TV as we travel.

But we’ve now discovered that God has bestowed upon us a TV. In the same way a campfire is “caveman TV” because campers simply stare at it, Zoe is Douglass TV. Awake or asleep her face, her wigglings and her verbal utterings capture our attention mercilessly. The countless expressions that cross her face in the space of a moment evoke instant emotional responses across the gamut from laughter to dread. How can the smooth, innocent face of a new born do that?!

She’s such a beautiful TV and so worth the time spent enraptured by her!

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