four heads, eight eyes, six arms and ten legs (expectations)

What has the characteristics described in the subject line? Our family of four on a hike in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We wondered aloud how much a bear might fear us as we strolled along attached to each other by leash, hands and baby carrier.

I’ve found it amazing how when one has expectations of something, one’s perception of that thing are deeply affected by those expectations. Coming into motherhood, I had few expectations, except to get little sleep. Thankfully we’ve been able to get much more sleep than I expected.

Aside from that, the sky was the limit. And I’ve found that much like having Chili and making concessions for her in everything we do and everywhere we go, having Zoe is similar – looking in from the outside, it seems like a lot of work and hassle to care for a dog…or a baby. But from the inside it’s nothing really. Whatever inconvenience might happen or time might vanish simply disappears from all consideration – and eventually from memory – until all that remains is wonder and pleasure.

When Chili lays her head against me, heaves a sigh and closes her eyes to sleep, I scratch her belly and remember nothing of the poop and barf we’ve had to clean up over the years. She is all treasure.

When Zoe molds to my arms and slumps into sleep, a smile spontaneously crossing her face, she is pure angel. All endless fussing and 2am dirty diaper changes flit away beneath her delicate beauty. Sure, some things take more thought or coordination but we’re living up to our reputation: at three weeks of age, Zoe’s logged over 20 miles of hiking trails and a week of life in our trailer. I had few expectations, but life with her has far exceeded anything I may have dreamt!

She sleeps now as I type. And so should I!

For those who were more interested in the waterbirth, you can now find more info here:


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