gift of life

A vague awareness of God’s presence permeated the weekend as we moved seamlessly from “couple” to “family”. Little Zoe Noelle swam into the world of light and sound at 9:55pm Saturday evening. After a few laps around the warm tub, she beached her 21 inch round, pink frame onto my belly, weighing a mere 7lb 12oz.

Since then she’s entertained us with her explorations into free movement and the sound of her own tiny voice. She hasn’t told us where the dark hair came from but she is resting up for all the adventures I think she already knows we have planned for her!

(from Sandi/Slick) Zoe was born in a bathtub under water…I guess that is our little triathlete starting out right :-). That was not the plan, but simply the way the cards fell…

Sandi/Slick was also a great coach and help. There’s no way I could’ve done it without him…or Him – so many huge thanks to all of you who prayed!! The hand God was definitely guiding the whole day!

In His grip (and very thankful to be!)

PS: “Zoe” means “life” in Greek & “Noelle” is French for Christmas, when we give & receive gifts. So Zoe Noelle is our precious “gift of life” from God.

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