beyond all we ask

Sometimes God answers prayer. It almost sounds like sacrilege to say it that way. But sometimes He answers VERY CLEARLY:

Sandi and I lived together in New Mexico for 6 months. That short time, along with his memories of Army basic training at Fort Bliss in El Paso, convinced us that the NM mountains are wonderful – but we’d NEVER want to live anywhere on the high desert flatlands below them, and least of all in the border city of El Paso! In fact, the thought never even crossed our minds.

For the past several years, we’ve been seeking God’s guidance on whether to retire and begin the journey to Africa or to accept another assignment with the Air Force and raise our daughter in the US for the first few years. One of the deciding factors was what assignment the Air Force would give Sandi this summer. If they offered him a job teaching young officers to fly, that would be a tough decision. It’s inviting, even tempting, to live in the US near family, to stay financially secure and to fly fast jets.

But Sandi has a knack for praying in such a way that God answers. This time he prayed that, based on the attractiveness of the proffered assignment, God would make very clear the decision to retire or to accept the assignment. Worst case, he envisioned Korea or a different year-long “remote”. But alas, it was even clearer than that. Sandi sputtered aloud when he read it on his “leash” (Blackberry): “Air Force Liaison Officer to the Army at Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX.”

It was so far out of the realm of possibility of what he might get, and so far from what we’d even consider taking, that we had to laugh at God’s clarity and sense of humor! It’s so like Him to go so far “beyond all we ask or imagine”!

So, Africa-bound we confidently remain, still according to the schedule sketched out and posted on our website:

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