I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon that I’ll probably begin to understand in about two months, but after my friends began to have children it seemed that I would hear all about their children and little about them. I had to smile as I noticed a small migration toward that phenomenon in our conversation this past weekend.

Sandi and I were floating peacefully in the evening sun on a rehearsal dinner cruise the day before our friends Joe & Ashley’s wedding. The next morning I ran and walked a few miles, as has been my regular habit for the past few months, with the bride and others. And of course, with Chili. My days of running are drawing to a temporary close, but Sandi and I smiled as we pondered all the Baby Douglass has already done: fly enough hours to qualify for a private pilot’s license, water ski on the Hudson River, snowshoe Vail Pass, cross country ski neighboring Shrine Pass, swim about 100 miles, run/walk the equivalent of 12 marathons, dive off a bike onto concrete at 20mph (thankfully when she was only a handful of cells!), kayak the Sea of Cortez, win Mom’s age group in a triathlon and (her favorite!) dance against Dad’s hand while he prays for her each evening.

Yet even as excitement (or at least curiosity) builds to meet this active little girl, God is already drawing us to look beyond her arrival to future blessings and opportunities He has planned. The next two years will be filled with adjustments, from becoming a family to missionary-flying training, language school and finally our transition to Africa to fly small airplanes in support of Africa Inland Mission. Stay tuned to this email address to follow along on the journey. You can also check out the websites below for pictures, info and updates.

www.donnadouglass.com/Africa.htm www.flickr.com/donnadouglass
We’ll be flying for www.aimint.org/usa/
and with http://www.aimair.org/


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