nothing else

2008 was the year of “one thing”. Increasingly I heard the message that I need one focus in life. And that is to know God: to experience Him, to wonder at His works, to seek Him in the morning at the start of every day, to dedicate each day to Him, to His “to-do” list: “nothing more, nothing less…nothing else.”

Looking forward on this early morning at the gift of another year, I pray it again: “nothing more, nothing less…nothing else.” Only God, and the little (or much) He asks me to do, and more importantly, to be.

What does that mean? How does that look? Questions of the future infiltrate my mind, which wants to understand it all, now. It wants tangibles: goals to aim for, achievements I can pinpoint at the end of this year. But He brings me back to the present. The end goal is hidden in His mind, the mind of the Master. My proud achievements, juxtaposed to Him, are shown for what they are: rubbish. Rubbish locked in time. He, however, is eternal.

In the end, it all comes down to this: to accept with thanks the gift of today and offer it back to Him, moment by moment. Love, after all, exists only in the moment.


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