moving heaven and earth

God moves heaven and earth to make His purposes happen. He did in Joshua (the lengthening of the day, the hail that killed only the bad guys, the walls of Jericho that fell of everyone but Rahab). He did it again on Sandi’s and my flight out to NM in our little 2-seater RV-6.

First He wiped away the rain: as we waited in an airport terminal for a line of storms to pass over us, we double checked the radar display on the weather computer – and the precipitation was gone. In fact, when we looked outside to the west, the clouds were gone, too. We took off westbound, vaguely leery of another swath of clouds further west. But He swept them away, too. By the time we bounced onto the runway 11 hours and 2,000 miles from home, the skies were totally clear.

It’s often easy to see God’s work in the dramatic things of life. But what a treasure to have a mate who encourages me to see His hand in the little things as well.

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