Heat at last!

We happened by a spa store in March and saw the perfect hot tub on sale, so we put a deposit on it. None of the three electricians in town, however, would even consider installing the required wiring for a price we’d consider. So in the ever-present battle between time and money, we chose time. In the ensuing months, we brushed off copious coverings of insulation as we labored in South Carolina summer heat in the stagnant dust of our attic. Gallons of sweat later, we had succeeded in running inch-thick wire from the new circuit breaker through the obstacle course of our attic and into the sunroom.

Our watery addition arrived the day after we finished banging the last nail, screwing in the last screw and biting our tongue to suppress the last expletive from yet another unexpected challenge. Now, slipping into the steam after another hard workout, Sandi often wonders aloud why we waited four months for this luxury. I know he’s joking because moments of free time have been as frequent as summer snowflakes in the South, between school, moving, teaching flying, racing and now training for another half Ironman triathlon (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run). The training, however, really makes us appreciate that hot tub!

Sandi’s pushing me to workout twice a day so that I’ll be able to win races but I wonder if it’s not secretly his plan to get himself fast enough to prevent me passing him during the races. He starts the swim 6-9 minutes in front of me, but I catch him on the bike leg, which follows the swim. I expect him to pass me on the run that follows the bike, but he hasn’t yet. It’s only a matter of time… It still amuses me, however, to observe how much time we’re willing to spend to shave just a few seconds of time off our races. Oh, the irony!

What makes it worth it is what Eric Liddell said in Chariots of Fire, “I was made for a purpose…and when I run I can feel God’s pleasure.” I can’t identify with the “run” part (running is pain management) but I do feel that when I race…it’s pretty neat.

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