Library in a laundry basket.

We’ve live here for four months, but you’d never know it by the boxes in the garage, pictures stacked against the walls and piles on the floor of my office. While is has been transformed from generic house to “home” with a ton of Mom’s help, it is really only “home” during the week. You see, what is slowing down the progress of the big move is the “little moves” every Friday and Sunday. According to our philosophy, weekends are for exploring our new territory and for racing triathlons. So we’re gone on nearly every one, towing our turtle-home (the trailer, the home on our back…bumper). Fridays are for moving into the trailer and Sundays for moving back into the house. As time has continued, we’ve become more proficient at the “little moves”, but they are challenging because there are so many pieces and parts that need to make the transfers. Moving boxes are too big, and shopping bags too tedious. So one Friday afternoon, Sandi grabbed the laundry basket to collect all fifteen-ish monstrous hardback reference books we needed for our seminary classes. And there they stayed for the next two months. When I did school work, I carried the laundry basket upstairs to my office. When he worked in his office, he moved it downstairs. But most of the time, it lived in the kitchen where we worked together.

Sandi and I subscribe to the stubborn person’s mantra, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. And having done many unusual things in our lives, we’d venture to say there’s some truth to that saying. Sometimes you just have to think “outside the box”…and outside the bag and maybe even in a basket. Even God used a basket once – and saved little Moses. Whatever works.


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